Becky said:

KarenAnne did my reading and was dead on exact in her interpretation. Excellent time spent with her ❤️

I would highly recommend her to anyone ❤️ 1/5/2019

Alejandra said:

“I loved my Akashic reading with Karen. Her questions and answers about the soul are right on point. It was very helpful to understand why I have certain attitudes or reactions to situations in my life. Also was so helpful to know what is the mission of my soul in these life. Excellent guidance. the insights are so interesting and worthy. I definitely recommend Karen. Thank you so much!! You are awesome” 💕💫 1/1/2019

Uma said:

“Loved my Akashic record reading with Karen! I could relate to everything that Karen told me in the reading, it really made sense and explained a lot of things (like for example, why I’ve been experiencing certain challenges). This reading gave me a deeper insight into what gifts I brought to share in this life and the lessons I came to learn/explore. Definitely very helpful for anyone who wants to have more clarity on their life purpose. Thank you Karen”🙏 12/17/2018

Hermann said:

“A few days ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying my first “Akashic Record Readings” with Karen. We met at Rythmia in Costa Rica, but we never really had a chance to talk. So there is nothing she could have known about me. Karen’s reading was very precise and very enlightening with her empathetic and intuitive guidance on my earlier incarnations.
One of the most revealing outcome was about my first incarnation was not on earth. I am a so called a “Star travelers”. A kind of expat on earth which hits really the point since that’s how I feel and live at the moment and most probably that won’t change. The other amazing discovery was about me belonging to the “Soul Group of Origination: Mars” with which (Not comfortable here, Not invested in Earth, Keep a low profile, Withdrawn/secretive) I am 100% congruous.
Finally I can just be grateful and thankful to Karen for her time on going through the details of my reading.
My clear recommendation to try “Akashic Record Readings” with Karen, it will bring some more light and understanding from where you come and which direction you are heading.” 12/9/2018

Anissa said:

“I had my akashic reading a few days ago, and was excited and surprised with the results. Karen was super thorough, and answered all the questions that I had. The readings helped me understand things that I have gone through all of my life, but didn’t understand the why or how. Thanks Karen, would definitely recommend to all my friends!” 12/8/2018

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Aloha from the lovely Valley Isle of Maui, Hawaii, where I’ve made my home since June, 2016. I’m a soon-to-be retired high school English teacher with a penchant for spiritual growth. Soon after my recent trip to Rhythmia Life Advancement Center, I embarked on Akashic Record Reading training with Anna Sayce. Now I am pleased to offer readings on a part-time basis. Welcome to my website. I hope you will allow me to be of service to you as we learn and grow in our awakening journeys. Ala Lani is a combination of two Hawaiian words: "ala" - road, way or path, and "lani" - sky, or the heavens. Following the spiritual path to illumination is a journey that many of us are taking, and my passion is to provide encouragement, information and help to spiritual seekers.