Aloha and welcome to Ala Lani, a place for spiritual seekers to find assistance and encouragement on their journey.  In Hawaiian, “ala” means road, way or path, and “lani” means sky, or the heavens.  My passion is providing you with new tools to help illuminate your path to the heavens, or enlightenment.  

From my home on Maui, I can provide you with a detailed Akashic Record Reading that will answer questions such as: 

Where did my soul come from?

What skills, talents, and abilities does my soul bring to this lifetime?

What are the life lessons I am currently working on? 

What is my most active intuitive ability?

When and where have I lived before?

What spiritual traditions has my soul participated in during prior lifetimes?

Answers to questions like these can provide validation, confirmation and reassurance.  We all incarnate here to learn, to teach and to serve Spirit.  The Akashic Record Reading is a tool for understanding your soul’s capabilities and realizing how they have impacted your personality. 

It is my sincere desire to be of assistance to you.  Please see my “Services Offered” menu, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Sunrise in Kihei on the beautiful Valley Isle of Maui, Hawaii.